Monday, February 1, 2010

I can't believe it's February...

That's crazy!  I thought there was another week of January left.  Of course, I spent a whole week in bed sick, so I guess it's not surprising that I'm losing time.  Oh well. 

I spent a couple hours this morning job searching -- still no luck so far -- and then I came to the public library, thinking that if I'm here, there won't be any distractions and I can get some writing done.  So, I get here, and then remember that since my computer had a massive break down and I had to completely reformat the hard drive -- restore it to factory condition -- I hadn't reinstalled my word processing program.  I remembered to put everything I thought I would need from my ancient desktop onto a usb drive so I could bring that with me, but I can't access any of the files!  And I left my installation CD for Word at home.  I really don't want to install the trial versions you can download from the internet, so this idea was kind of a bust.

Until I remembered I hadn't updated my blog in quite a while.  I didn't realize how long it had been, though.  That's one of the problems with being unemployed, I guess.  And being sick.  The whole situation stinks.  I have gotten some cool stuff done, though.  When I get home I'll have to remember to take pictures so I can post them and show off a little.  :)  I have been going to church, though -- and reading the Book of Mormon, which I think makes my days more calm, less completely stressed out.  It's almost like the difference when I don't take my meds, only not quite as drastic.

Maybe I can just write some in notepad and copy into Word once I get that installed...  I'll give it a try.  Bye for now.