Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Checking In...

I've been out of the loop for a while because I started a new job last Monday (the 17th) and it was completely unexpected that I'd be starting so soon (if at all) so I've just been adjusting to having a full time job again.  This is also a test to see if this post will import into Facebook like I just set it up to do.  I've got so many friends on Facebook, but I'm really bad at keeping in touch that way, so I wondered if this might work.  :)

I'm excited about this new job, mostly because the company seems really cool and it's a noticeably more positive atmosphere than anywhere else I've worked.  Today the other two trainees and I left formal training to join our teams for the first time, and I'm really excited about the team I'm on -- they're really nice with a great sense of humor, and I already feel pretty comfortable with them.  I'll be getting a plant to put on my desk as soon as I can, and I'm working on a neat plaque made from clay that I'd like to have sitting on my desk.  When I get it finished I'll post pictures.   

I got my corn, beans, and peas planted last week.  Those were all seeds.  I've got plants I need to get into the ground too, but it's been too cold and rainy.  I'll probably get those in this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how this garden experiment of mine works out.  I kind of wish I'd done more flowers than vegetables, but it's still not too late and there's always next year anyway.

Well, that's about all the new news.  I haven't had time to do much.  Yay! for employment, though, right?