Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Yay!  Merry Christmas!  I had a very nice Christmas at my parents' house with my sisters.  Niel and his family came over for most of Christmas day, too, and that was also fun.  I loved watching my nephews open their presents and get all excited about it.  My traditional Christmas Eve pajamas was a nightgown with a kitty print that made me miss my cats, but I'll be going back home tomorrow so I won't have to worry about them anymore.  :) 

I had Emily this year for our rotational gift giving, and I made her a set of bookends out of clay.  They are a pair of dragons, and I thought they turned out pretty well.  Emily seemed to like them, so that was good because I couldn't have done anything else -- no money.  I already had the supplies for this.  Dad got Mom a flat screen tv with dvd player attached and a wall mount to put it up in her sewing room.  NICE.  I'm a little jealous!  (j/k)  Mom got Dad a four-wheeler and he had lots of fun yesterday pulling his grandkids around on their new sleds.  It was fun to watch -- while they were in range, anyway.  :)

My mom also got a Wii Fit and everyone had fun playing on that while I watched.  I'm over the weight limit.  That really hurt, but it's given me a new determination because I really want one, and it looked like fun, and I am now the largest person in the family so I can't even use the Wii Fit to get  fit!  So, my New Year's resolution is going to be to lose enough weight that I can use a Wii Fit, and secondary to that is to get a job and save enough money that I can buy one.  For now, my miniature goal to help me get to that one, is to go for a walk -- even if it's a really short one -- every day this week.  When I accomplish that goal, I'll set one for the next week.  I think I'm also going to get a picture of the Wii Fit and  stick it on my door or something so I see it every day and remember that that's what I want.

Anyway, I'll post my progress, and I'll take pictures of Emily's dragons and post them soon, too.