Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm back -- really

Well, hello to anyone who might possibly still be checking to see if I've updated my blog yet.  I lost my job, I've been seriously depressed and stressed, and didn't feel like I've had anything positive to write about.  You know, therapists will often recommend journaling as a way to help work through the negative thoughts and get past them.  My experience has always been that the more depressed I am, the worse my writing is and the worse what I write makes me feel.  I write what I feel, and seeing the irrational thoughts on paper -- instead of helping me to see the error of my thinking -- just makes me feel more horrible that I really think like that.  So, I've stopped writing when I'm down.

You may have noticed the new gadget just below the header.  It's a link to my store at  I haven't got a lot listed yet, but I decided to stop waiting until I had a lot of stuff to list and just put in what I've got.  All of those journals are a few years old, but they still look like new.  I plan on making a whole bunch more sculptures and focal beads.  I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing, so I decided I really needed to write.

I'm still searching for a job.  Sending out as many applications as I can.  I think I might have applied for every listing workforce services has for the Cache Valley area!  Well, thank heaven for family and church.  And yes, I'm going.  It's nice.  My friend Janette is very supportive and encouraging and it's nice to have someone like her.  :)

Anyway, check out my store, because it's just cool that I've got one, and keep coming back here, because I'm back and ready to write again!