Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clay creatures

This is the clay turtle (with stone bead accents) that I made last weekend for my sister Emily who collects turtles.

And this is the dragon I made -- took about a week.

Her name is Amy, and Amy loves her amythyst! There's her large rock and several smaller ones in the ground around her -- looks like she found a good place to collect them from. 

She has mother-of-pearl as plates along the spine, and green and purple freshwater pearl accents.  She's my first dragon, but don't worry, Amy will have lots of friends soon!

I also made a lion's head and some filigree beads (which my Mom helped on) over the weekend that look pretty cool, but I don't have pictures of them yet.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spirituality and stuff

Going to my parent's house for the weekend has, for the last couple years, been a little bit uncomfortable when time to go to church rolls around.  I don't want to go, they wish I would, etc.  This last weekend there was no choosing because it was general conference, and it's just on.  If you don't want to watch or listen, you shouldn't have come.  :)  It was pretty good, actually.  I cringed a couple times just like I would have in church, but for the most part, it was enlightening, like it's supposed to be.  There was one talk about discipline that I'm going to have to see if I can find online so I can reread it.

The point of this post, though, is that it occurred to me that I could be putting my focus on the wrong one of my 3 main goals (see the post from August 26th).  I was going to focus mainly on the physical and mental(creative) but my early plans for the physical goals fizzled out, and haven't gone anywhere.  I have made good progress in the creative arena -- more posts on that later.  I've got pictures! -- but I'm not healthy, and without getting healthy, I won't be able to accomplish all that I eventually want to with my creative work.  Perhaps I'm not getting anywhere with my physical goals because I'm pretty much ignoring my spiritual ones.  Okay, I know of the few of you who read this, most will be nodding your heads and thinking "well, of course," and even though I already knew that -- on an intellectual level, anyway -- I probably still needed that "aha!" moment to do anything about it.  Don't we all?

I'm reluctant to get back into exploring a relationship with God because I know it will involve change (something I've never been a fan of) and I'm pretty certain there will be a large amount of emotional pain involved (something I avoid as a rule -- you have to when you've got a chemical imbalance in your brain that amplifies all negative emotion beyond reason).  I suppose, though, any kind of creation is change, and if I'm going to create a better me, I have to be willing to undergo all of it.  It occurred to me to compare myself to the clay I use to make things with -- malleable, versatile, full of possibilities -- but clay is inert.  It has no control over what happens to it, and that's what I have been -- floating along, letting life happen to me -- and not what I want to be which is someone who lives her own life.  I am not the clay.  I can't let life shape me, I have to shape my life.  Right?

Anyway, if I can figure out what shape to mold my spirit into, then my physical goals will have the backing of my spiritual ones.  What I mean is, right now, my outside and my inside match.  I can't change what's on the outside without changing what's inside, and the inside has to come first -- and whether that's spiritual or just has to do with attitude or habits or all of the above, I think working on my spirit will help to change it all.  Like I said, I'm reluctant (nervous, a little resentful, uncomfortable), but I'm willing to bet this is the only way to make the changes work the way I want them to.  So, for a short term goal under "Define and Live Spiritual Beliefs," I'm going to re-read The Book of Mormon.  I'll keep you posted on what progress I make.