Monday, April 26, 2010

Sore, Sore, Sore -- but Productive

Tons of great exercise today -- I mowed almost all of our yard, probably 80% of it, and for those who've been to my house, you know how huge our yard is!  Couldn't get the mower working at first (yes, checked the gas and oil, and we put some winterizer stuff in it last fall, it just hasn't been started yet this season) but the neighbor had some starter fluid he sprayed somewhere in the engine, and then it started up just fine.  I was out there nearly two hours and was completely bushed, so Heather finished it off when she got home from work.  Then we went to Lowe's and got some 2x6 lumber to make boxes around my garden plots so they'll be raised, and some grass seed.  We spent an hour or so after that spreading the seed on some bare areas in the lawn, and then we had a mini bonfire, burning up the stump of a big ugly bush that I had hacked down a couple weeks ago.  I was on hose duty and got soaked down one leg from the leaks.  Now I'm hobbling around the house like an old woman, barely able to stand up straight, but I do feel pretty good about how productive I was today -- and we saved all those grass clippings to use for mulch when I plant my garden.  I also feel pretty good about finishing off some presents for my sisters' birthdays and for Mother's Day, of which I will post pictures after this weekend when I visit Manti to give them.  :)  All in all, a pretty great day.