Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden is all ready to go!

I spent today getting compost spread on my garden plots, putting up a fence to keep out the neighbor's free range chickens (Heather actually did most of the fence, I helped), and cutting down branches from the crab apple tree so my garden won't be in the shade all day.  It's pretty much all completely ready to plant and I've got all the starts or seeds I need.  Yay!  But I'm also completely worn out, so even though there's still a few hours of sunlight left, I'm calling it a day.  I really wish I were more healthy and in shape so I could get more work done.  :(  Then, again, that was part of the whole purpose behind growing a garden this summer -- a way to get me outside and active, and it's working so far.  Hopefully by the end of the summer, I'll be able to do a lot more in one go. 

Here's a picture of my garden area.  You can see there's still a small area of the closest plot that will be in shade during the late afternoon.  I'll just have to plant veggies that don't mind so much in that area.  :)  The tree is really pretty right now with all those big pink blooms, and standing under it is like standing near a beehive.  I couldn't believe how loud the buzz is!

Heather and I also went to see Iron Man 2 today.  It's my second viewing, but she hadn't seen it yet.  Awesome movie!  I love it!  I'm really such a nerd.  ;)

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LeAnn said...

Awesome!!! It's not how I pictured it (in the left back corner of your backyard that I've never seen--LOL) I'm so glad that this is motivating you to get up and out.

I get barely a few minutes worth of sun in my back yard so I've resorted to no garden. However, Colin planted some lettuce and peas in little Dixie cups at preschool. The lettuce didn't survive the Dixie cup and lack of sunshine. I transplanted the peas to an ice cream bucket and planted a few beet seeds into another. Now they sit on the front porch (yes, ice cream buckets--very redneck!) but at least they get a few hours worth of sunshine.